Volunteer - Team Building

Team Volunteering with Habitat Savannah is a chance for your organization to commit a day to working together in an exciting, learning-based environment-all while making an important contribution to Habitat's mission of building homes in partnership with families in need. There are several ways groups of any kind can come together to serve. Read the descriptions below and call us at 912-353-8122 to schedule your group build or e-mail dot@habitatsavannah.org.

TEAMBuild: Have you been considering an employee retreat, looking for a way to boost morale or just wanting to make a difference in your community? TEAMBuild is an opportunity designed to meet all those needs and more. Through this program, your group will spend a fun-filled day building on a Habitat worksite while helping bring a family's dream of home ownership to life.

Group Day of Service: A Day of Service can be set up for civic groups, churches, military, and non-profit organizations. This opportunity provides a unique possibility for your group to work alongside soldiers, college students, court-appointed community service workers, United Way referrals and partner families to build a Habitat home.

Corporate Build: The Corporate Build option offers a way for companies to contribute to the Habitat mission in a unique, concrete way. From gifts of $100 to $100,000 and everywhere in between, businesses can give generously to sponsor a portion or all of a home. There are many benefits to this experience.

More than a Hammer: Church groups are a huge part of our volunteer population. CEHFH is now offering several ways for congregations to "Build on Faith". Call us to find out more about our opportunities to learn and give through the More than a Hammer program.

Birthday Builds: Year after year, we celebrate our birthdays and get presents we don't need. What if instead of getting more stuff, you gave up your birthday and asked for donations instead? What if instead of celebrating you, your family and friends celebrated an opportunity for a family to own their own home for the first time?

Volunteers are always needed and we are in need of volunteers for the following positions:

  • Sales Clerks
  • Receiving Clerks
  • Pricing Inventory
  • Store Maintenance
  • Picking up Donations
  • Demolition & Salvage
  • Promotion/Public Relations